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Bad Parenting, DVDumbass, and Rock The Mountain

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Here's what you missed on Wednesday's show:

Nic is out of town on his vacation in Washington, but Big J and his mighty beard are still here. As they say, the show must go on.

Today's Bad Impression went out to Mr. Jeremy Renner. He's in the news because he will be replacing Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. 

Morning After News: 30% of men do not buy any their own clothes and 48% are clueless as to what their own size is. Most men buy items based more on price rather than appearance. By the age of 37, a bulk of men just give up entirely on how they dress and 59% of women find it necessary to take charge of their man's wardwrobe. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have been de-throwned as the richest celebrity couple. The new winner at $78 million combined is Beyonce and Jay-Z. Coach Pete will be holding his first press conference of the season later today. As we all know, the big talk of the offseason is who will replace Kellen Moore as the starting Quarterback of the Broncos. We will find out soon my friends. 

Yet again, we travel over to Florida today where a lady named Crystal likes sex maybe a little too much. So much actually that she put her own children at risk over it. This mother of three decided at 3am one morning she wanted to go to pound town over at the neighbor’s house. So, she did just that and managed to leave her kids home alone in the meantime. Not only did one of them soil their pants, but was then found wandering around an intersection at 5am. Yeah, great f&$#ing parenting lady. It pisses me off so much when people choose to neglect their own flesh and blood in such a manner.

During this week’s DVDumbass, Big J took home a flick called “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt”. He claims that he got just what was expected. An awful made for television movie that should probably not even be on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Tom Selleck is still the man, but don’t hesitate to avoid this movie, unless maybe you are a fan of “Murder She Wrote”.

Some important stuff for your day: a new study shows that physical bullying should be the primary focus of prevention programs as it is becoming a bigger issue than cyber bulling. Rob Zombie has a new compact disc on the way called "Mondo Sex Head" and will feature several rock artists such as KoRn's Jonathan Davis and Chino Moreno from the Deftones. 

Tim Hobart and some members of several local bands joined us in the studio today to talk about Rock The Mountain. The event takes place this Friday and Saturday (August 10th & 11th) in Grimes Creek, Idaho. Tickets for both days of the 15th Annual weekend of rock are just $30. For more info and tickets give a little mouse click right here.

Radom headlines from around the world: a crook in Pennsylvania was busted after breaking into a vacant house while buck naked. Police officers found him bleeding and covered in mud as he demaded to be the owner of the propterty. He then pointed a phone charger at the officers to act as some sort of weapon, followed by tossing a flower pot toward them. A Swedish man complained to authorities that the reward of $6 he was given for finding a lost or stolen bike was just not enough. How about just doing the right thing as a good deed? Is that too much to ask of people these days? A British man nearly destroyed his apartment while trying to dry his socks and underwear inside of his microwave. You have to give him an "A" for creativity, but probably not the smartest move there bud. 

Song fight time: Fozzy featuring M. Shadows returned for their second straight appearance to duke it out with a band out of Boston called Prospect Hill. The Challenger pulled away and will be back on Friday.

Tomorrow we will be taking a day off from the show, but Adam will be in from 6-10AM to play some music for your morning. Join us on Friday as we bring the Director of “The Campaign”, Jay Roach, on the show to talk about his latest comedy. 

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