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Knock Knock, Night Fire Nationals, and Fozzy

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Here’s what you missed on Tuesday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression comes courtesy of Sharon Osbourne and Big J’s flawless impression of the British Bad@ss. She’s in the news today because she will not be returning to the show "America’s Got Talent" due to NBC's discrimination against her son Jack. Sharon is standing up for what she believes in and basically telling NBC to go kick some rocks. Get em' Sharon! More details right here.

Morning After News: During this Thursday’s pre-season football game between the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers, you will see a female official as a part of the current replacement crew due to the NFL officiating lockout. T.O. signed a deal with the Seattle Seahawks Monday night. The veteran wide receiver’s contract is set for one-year and $1 million. The New York Jets just got into a 20-person brawl on their sideline during a recent practice. Of course Rex Ryan is pissed, but also claimed to have seen nastier fights during his coaching career. The United States Men’s Basketball team defeated Argentina 126-97 after a one point deficit at halftime. Flea has revealed details on the release of a handful of new Red Hot Chili Peppers singles. There will not be an actual album, but just a handful of random tracks released over time. 

Over in Connecticut, a resident of West Harford had no clue what a random knock at the door might turn into. When he opened the door to his home, he found a drunk 27-year-old guy demanding to have sex with his wife. So, of course he tells the guy off and shuts the door. Ten minutes later, knock-knock, and the same thing occurs. This time around, the resident finally calls the police. After a few taser blasts and a fist to the face, the officers finally take the suspect down. He was booked and held on $150,000 bail and charges of second degree breach of peace, disorderly conduct, 4 counts of assault on a police officer and 4 counts of interfering with a police officer. Grab the full story here.

During this week’s version of DVDumbass, Big J selected a movie called "Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt" starring Tom Selleck over "Being Flynn" starring Robert De Niro and a film called "Margaret." Prepare yourself for his full review on tomorrow’s show.

Some important stuff for your day: according to a new survey, it’s apparently cool for men to show off their ankles by wearing a male version of capri pants. It’s becoming such a trend that a grip of celebrities are showing of the new "fad” as well. Bottom line is that if it’s something Zac Efron does, you probably should not follow suit, unless of course you are The Incredible Hulk. NFL Rookie Brandon Wheaton has been named the starting Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park says the band is jacked to perform their new set of tunes live on the upcoming Honda Civic Tour, which kicks off this Saturday.

The owner of Firebird Raceway, Scott New, came on the show this morning to tell us about the 41st Annual Night Fire Nationals. Firebird’s signature event takes place this Thursday through Sunday (August 9th-12th) at Firebird Raceway in Boise. Call (208) 938-8986 to reserve your tickets today or click here for more details on the event.

A few random headlines from around the country: 30 tons of elephant dung will be used to create special paper for greeting cards. There will be no smell and the paper is obviously super recyclable. Nothing says "Thank You" quite like some elephant poo. A bee keeper was called to a scene at an airport where 30,00 bees swooped down on the wing of an airplane, delaying the flight 3.5 hours. The bees were trapped and the flight pursued. 

Today’s Cage Match = Machine Head vs. Fozzy featuring M. Shadows. With a surprise victory, Fozzy will return on tomorrow's show up against a new song from Slightly Stoopid. 

Join us tomorrow as we talk Rock The Mountain! Tim and five members of different Rock The Mountain bands will be in the studio to tell us all about the event. Big J will review Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt along with another round of Pop Culture Smackdown, Bad Impressions and Cage Match. 

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