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Pee Pee, Life Lessons and Jamie Varner

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Here’s what happened on Friday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to James Hetfield of Metallica. He’s in the news because he turns 49 years old today. Happy Birthday James!

Morning After News: the NCAA Football Coach’s Poll was released this week and your Boise State Broncos rank in at #22 with their opening game opponent, Michigan State, coming in at #13. I think this is right around where we should start the season given all the talent that moved on in the offseason. Let me remind you all about the year we beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and how we kicked off that season unranked. Don't fret my friends, you know Coach Pete will have the boys ready to rock come August 31st. Also, some are already saying the polls are setting up a USC vs. SEC national title game. Yeah, I would rather watch badminton. The United States Men’s Basketball team routed Nigeria 156-73 yesterday. My vote still goes to the 1992 Dream Team. Lollapalooza kicks off tonight with opening acts from Black Sabbath and Black Keys. Jack White will close up the festival on Sunday night. The new Total Recall opens up in theatres tonight. This version features Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel, but there will be no Mars and no mutants this time around. That and no Arnold Schwarzenegger cussing every five minutes, which is the best part of the original.

In Boulder, Colorado a 22-year-old man by the name of Timothy was enjoying a night out at Shooters Grill & Bar where he locked in on a gal he found attractive and decided to hit on her. His ice breaker was to just walk right up and put his arm around her without even saying anything. Well, she didn’t take to this too kindly and lifted his arm off, leaving Timothy to walk away rejected. Awhile later, the woman was was struck by a liquid substance on the back of her legs. As she turned around, there was Timothy with his junk out and urinating on the back of her legs. He was arrested on counts of public indecency and harassment. Now I’ve been rejected by girls before, but have never once thought about peeing on anyone. But hey, you should try everything once right? No, no you should not. 

Today’s Life Lesson brought to you by Big J is to “never say never.”  Unce upon a time, he boldy stated that he would never join the world of Twitter. However, when attended Comic-Con this year in San Diego, he found himself with an actual need for the social networking tool. A bulk of content and happenings during the event were released and discussed via Twitter, so this was when it occurred to Big J that it’s probably time to fold. That being said, follow him right here:

Some important stuff for your day: Michael Phelps pulls in another Gold medal, reaching 20 total Golds in his career now. Aaron Lewis of Staind is hosting an invitational charity golf tournament in Bernardson, Massachusetts on Saturday, August 11th. Lewis and his wife Vanessa started the It Takes a Community Foundation and all proceeds from his tournament will benefit the R.H. Conwell Community Education Center there in Massachusetts. As for Staind, the band recently released their first live album, “Live at the Mohegan Sun”, and a DVD & Blu-Ray version will hit shelves on August 14th. Unfortunately though, the band will be taking a hiatus after their upcoming stint on the Uproar Festival. This news means that you should come out to X –Fest on September 25th at the Idaho Center and catch Staind live while you still can. The third Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie comes out today. This one is summer themed, taking a mix from The Last Straw and Dog Days. Find movie times for that here.

Watching the UFC fights on Fox this weekend? We talked to Jamie Varner on the show today about his upcoming bout with Joe Lauzon. He informs us about how he trains for fights, his fight day routine, and a handful of other things. Get the full scoop on our podcast right here.

Random headlines from around the globe: in Chalkerville, Michagan, a 27-year-old man decided to leave his two young children unattended at home to go out drinking. So, he got smashed and later came home to the wrong house as he climbed into a bed with a couple in their early 70’s. Another prime example of someone that should not be allowed to raise kids. So we know that Michael Phelps has won 20 gold medals, but now we are learning that he probably pees in the pool. It’s been said that a lot of elite competitor swimmers are known to pee in the pool on a frequent basis. Apparently it typically happens during warm ups, practices, and the breast stroke pullout. A recent study also shows that 3 out of 5 adults do pee in the pool. It’s time for someone to invent a chemical that turns urine into a specific color when someone lets it flow in the pool. Now that would make the Olympics entertaining.

We capped of a solid week of Cage Match with your returning Champion, Slash, battling it out with Machine Head and we have a new Champion! Machine Head runs away with the win and will make their next appearance on Monday's show.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to join us all day today at Office Max on Broadway for the X School Supply Drive. See the info below:

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