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Xbox Fire Starter, ATM Review & Broken Lizard

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Here’s what you missed on Wednesday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to Cuba Gooding Jr. via a stellar “show me the money” performance from Big J. Cuba is in the news for allegedly pushing a female bartender. Not cool Cuba. Nothing justifies laying hands on a woman, ever.

Some important stuff for your day: Michael Phelps has officially won the most gold medals in Olympic history as he pulled in his 19th gold yesterday. Boise’s own Kristin Armstrong won a gold medal herself at a time trial in Italy, making this her second gold for the state of Idaho. Lollapaloolaza takes place this weekend in Chicago. This will be the eighth time the festival occurs in Chicago along with a stop in Chile and Brazil with another new location on the way. This year’s lineup will feature Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys, Jack White, and many more. Lindsay Lohan is going topless on her new film “The Canyons” alongside porn star James Deen. Sorry Lindsay, but that still won’t get me to watch your movies.

In Trenton, New Jersey an unidentified 10 year old girl set her house ablaze by lighting a couch on fire. The girl got into an argument with her Mother over how much Xbox she had been playing lately, so she snuck out of her room, grabbed hold of a lighter and lit up the couch. Check out the full story right here.

Big J had the chance to sit down and watch ATM last night for this week's installment of DVDumbass. Apparently the plot is about a hot girl and some douche bag co-worker that tries to be a third wheel while his buddy is trying to take the girlhome from a party. Along the journey, he wants to stop and get some food but has no money and needs to cruise by the ATM. That’s when another dude shows up and starts murdering people as the entire movie takes place inside this ATM booth. The movie is a “huge stupid waste of time” – direct quote from Big J. He also stated that he would have rather watched Miley Cyrus’ movie called LOL. You know it wasn't a good viewing at the Big J household when he would rather watch this ------------------------------------------>

Some more important stuff: a study by the LA times suggests that some of the best places in the country to retire are several cities in Utah and South Dakota. Boise, Idaho comes in ranked right at the 23rd spot. Rob Zombie’s sixth film and first since Halloween II in 2009, titled The Lords of Salem, will premiere this September at the Toronto International Film Festival. Word on the street is that Ashton Kutcher is now bangin’ Mila Kunis. Come on Mila, why not just go for a morning show producer instead, eh? Take a gander at Rob Zombie's interview about his new film below.

We had the great pleasure of chatting with Kevin and Jay from the comedy group Broken Lizard this morning on the show. You might recognize them as Farva and Thorny from a little classic comedy known as Super Troopers. We discussed their new movie, The Babymakers, which comes out this Friday and also found out if there will be a sequel to Super Troopers anytime soon. The Babymakers stars Olivia Munn, can be seen right from your couch at home with On Demand, and just looks f’ing hilarious. Watch the trailer below and find our interview right here:

A few random headlines from around the country: in LA, a 34 year old man tried smuggling nearly four pounds of meth into Japan inside what looked like Snickers candy He was nailed with $250,000 worth of meth and faces up to 10 years in prison. That’s like a scene from Breaking Bad. Only a handful of people showed up at what was supposed to be the World’s Largest Bikini Parade in Minnesota. The current record is 451 people, but only 39 showed up showed up to the event. Maybe Idaho will jump on board with a bikini fest at some point?

Cage Match was a battle of former 80’s rockers today: Slash vs. Motley Crue. What more could anyone ask for? Well, how about a song fight tie?! Big J broke the tie with his vote for Slash over The Crue. Slash will be back tomorrow as he faces a new song from Flyleaf. 

Check back tomorrow as we sit down with The F’n Punisher himself, Thomas Jane. We will discuss his company, Raw Studios as well as his new short of The Punisher called Dirty Laundry. Also, more song fights, more important stuff, more smackdown and a tech tour courtesy of radio’s own Big J.

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