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Breaking Into Jail, DVDumbass & Cole Siebler

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Here’s what you missed on Tuesday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes to Leo Dicaprio courtesy of Big J’s Oscar worthy king of the world re-enactment from Titanic. Leo is in the news today because he is investing in an automobile business. Read the full article here.

(Alright, he's wearing a shirt that says "Leo" and filling up a Prius. I will say nothing more.)

Important stuff for your day: a bird smacked right into the face of a boy while riding a roller coaster at Six Flags. The coaster reached speeds up to 128 miles per hour and climbed up to 45 stories high. Kendrys Morales of the LA Angels knocked out a few homers from each side of the plate last night to rally the Angels over the Texas Rangers 15-8. He’s just one of a few players to ever hit home runs as a lefty and righty in the same inning. Maynard James Keenan made a statement about no future plans for A Perfect Circle and Peter Jackson announced that he will spread the story of The Hobbit over three films instead of just two. 

Tiffany Hurd of Ohio tried really hard to land herself in jail by attempting to sneak into jail. That was not a typo. Since it was too late to purchase booze, she came up with the brilliant idea of breaking into the jail, going into the evidence room and stealing whatever she could get her hands on. So, Tiffany downed a sixer of Smirnoff Ice and went for it. The smooth criminal didn’t get far as a guard found her stuck atop the barb wire fence surrounding the jailhouse and even gave her the chance to flee the scene. However, she was stuck and therefore booked and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. All I’m going to say is at least it wasn’t bath salts. Type "breaking into jail" into your search engine and you will find the whole story.


On this week’s DVDumbass, Big J selected the movie ATM over Piranha DD and LOL. He will be either enjoying this film or throwing his popcorn at the wall later this evening. Tune in tomorrow for a full review.

Some more important stuff: blood donations are at the lowest level in 15 years. Please go out, donate and help those in need. Two members of Metallica caught fire in Mexico City as there was an issue with their pyro stage equipment. However, there is talk that this could have been staged as the band has pulled similar stunts in the past. Dennis Quaid stars in a new television show that depicts the city of Las Vegas while will debut in a few months. Here's a behind-the-scenes first look at "Vegas":

Cole Siebler joined us in the studio today. He’s responsible for Idaho Supercross. Cruise down to Century Link Arena this weekend (August 3rd-5th) for some Supercross action. Cole and the other riders will be signing autographs out at Mountain Home Auto Ranch on Thursday afternoon and hanging out at Main Street Bistro Thursday night. Cole is a great guy and Idaho Supercross is an awesome event. Be there. Check out for more info.

Some random headlines from around the country:  a New York supermarket is the first in the world to create an aisle exclusively for men. The man aisle includes condoms, beef jerky and beer. Sign me up. A 26 year old, Andrew Roberts, was arrested five days after gaining employment at a jewelry store for stealing jewelry and cash then selling the items to other mall employees. A New York couple divorced nearly 47 years ago in 1964 and now at 80 years of age, they are getting remarried. Yes, to each other.

Charm City Devils made an appearance on Cage Match today as they went up against Slash. Slash took the cake by a handful of votes. He will be back tomorrow along with a brand spankin' new track from Motley Crue.

Tune in tomorrow as we chat with Kevin & Jay from Broken Lizard. You might better recognize them as Farva and Lieutenant Arcot from Super Troopers. “I got you good you f&$#er!” But seriously, they will be on the show.

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