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Pants Free Pool, Shaq-Fu & School Supply Drivin'

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It's Monday, but that doesn't stop us from an action packed show, or does it?

Leslie Brown, a 24 yr old woman from Louisville Kentucky, decided to take a few shots of booze, remove her bikini bottoms and go for a dip in the local pool. You know, the type of local pool where families and children like to spend a nice relaxing afternoon. Well, the police were called, but could not get her out of the pool when they arrived as she was a rather large woman. As anyone, including children, came within reach of her, she started swinging. Leslie later claimed that she was just taking off her shorts and did not notice the bikini bottoms coming off with them. She was then booked and charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure. Well, this is going to make me think twice and/or be on the lookout during my next visit to the community pool.

Big J’s Punch today goes to the tag team of Shaquille O’Neal and Buick for the new Buick Lacrosse commercial. Why you might ask? Because Mr. Kazaam himself is trying to sell us something that is just plain BS. It's not the car that's BS, but the concept of a very giant man in this little sedan. He promotes how comfortable the car is, which I’m sure is a nice cozy ride, but Shaq-Fu does not appear one bit comfortable in it with his knee wedged up betweent the door and steering wheel while his giant arms are about to bust out the window. Take a look for yourself: 

A few important items for your Monday: babysitters in the New York and Massachusetts area range can jump up to right around $20 per hour. That’s something to think about next time you get pissed at your day care bill. Fantasy Football is right around the corner, which is something we are rather excited about here at The Morning After. Check back often for more details on our own TMA League. Catch Adelita’s Way on television tonight as they make an appearance on Bachelor Pad. Well, um or don’t. Last but not least, Louis C.K. will be back soon with more episodes of Louie for your viewing pleasure.

On Friday, August 3rd join us all day down at Office Max on Broadway in Boise for our annual X School Supply Drive. Nicole from Family Advocates came on the show today to discuss the event in more detail. Find out your need-to-know info about the X School Supply Drive here: and learn more about Family Advocates here:


Some random headlines from around the country: at an Australian McDonalds, a 26 year old junkie started shooting up in front of families because the staff did not know how to handle the situation without a manager on duty. A 63 year old Florida man had his hand bit off by an alligator and was still charged with illegally feeding wild animals. In Maples, Florida a woman walked out of a salon and over to another woman who was sitting in her car waiting for an oil change when the salon lady struck the poor woman right in the face three times. It was later found out that the salonlady was an ex-girlfriend of one of the Jiffy Lube employees. So far today, we have learned that swimming in your local pool, grabbing lunch at McDonalds and getting an oil change can actually be a bit more dangerous than some might come to expect. 


Papa Roach came back with another giant swing on Cage Match against the one and only, Slash. The Roach is out and Sir Slash is in. Tune in tomorrow as Slash battles a new song from Charm City Devils. 




Tomorrow we will have Cole Siebler in the studio to chat up Idaho Supercross. Slash returns and we just might have some more things to give away. Enjoy your Monday.

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