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Floating Sex Dolls, DVDumbass & Teddy Bears

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Today we jumped over to China where officers took the scene of a woman floating face down in the river. It took more than 40 minutes, 18 police officers and over 1,000 spectators to rescue the “ woman”. Well, it turns out it was not a woman, but just a blow up sex doll. Oh China and their sex toys. The best part of the story is the fact that when the doll was revealed to the crowd, parents covered the eyes of their children and walked away. Yet, had it been an actual woman it would have been just fine for the kids to observe? Nonsense.

Police rescue sex doll from river: you can see why the would think this was a woman floating in the river with the realistic looking face!

Big J took home two movies last night. The first was Cat Run, which he felt was long and complicated in the beginning, but picked up and got really good throughout. The downside is that you have to see Christopher McDonald in the bare flesh. The upside is that it contains some solid action, along with European hookers and lots of bare breasts, so go check it out. Overall, Big J thoroughly enjoyed the film and gives it The Morning After approval. He also sat down to watch Casa de mi Padre starring Will Ferrell.  Although he says it was a dumb movie and filmed entirely in Spanish, Casa de mi Padre receives Big J’s approval as well. Two for two and a good ol' Maverick thumbs up on DVDumbass today. 

We also learned today that counterfeit $1 bills are being passed around in Lewiston, Idaho. Same say, "why counterfit $1 bills and not $100 bills?" and our response to that is simply this: STRIPPERS. Over in Florida, a man accidentally shot himself in the hand and asked local police to come ensure the safety of his handgun. Well, something he forgot to think about was the marijuana operation going on inside of his own house. So, his guns are now safe, but he’s got himself into a little bit of trouble. We also learned that it’s not a great idea to take a bet that includes pouring Bacardi on yourself and lighting it on fire. That just speaks for itself, no further explanation needed.  

Aedin Mincks from the movie Ted was on the show today. He’s the kid who tries to bearnap Ted throughout the film. 

Your newest Cage Match Champion, Papa Roach, came back swingin’ against Enova with their song “Still Swinging” and won by one single vote. 

Tune in tomorrow as we chat with Chef Anne Burrell from The Food Network along with more ticket giveaways and more P. Roach! Don’t forget, tomorrow is Total Recall day. Feel free to get yourself some Golden Tickets and join us at Northern Lights Cinema Grill in Nampa. 

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