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Life Lessons, Mike Nelson & Jerry's State Court Cafe

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Well, here we go again with the stupid bath salts. Sean-Paul of Tempe, Arizona grabbed hold of some salts, kicked down the doors of three different homes and started slam dancing around as if he was in a most pit, all while in the bare flesh. Breaking news: bath salts may or may not prompt you to take your clothes off and/or eat faces. There’s your warning, just stay away from that crap already, please and thank you.

Big J’s Life Lesson, brought to you by Nic today, was all about vacations and sticking to them. If you are on vacation, leave behind your computer, phone or whatever other electronic leash you may have. A vacation should be thoroughly enjoyed and act as a break from all things stressful.

Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and RiffTrax joined us on the show today. Curious as to what he’s been up to lately? Find out right here:

Jerry from Jerry's State Court Cafe hand delivered some delicious grub to us this morning. I can say with confidence that I mowed down one of the best club sandwhiches that I have ever had. Next's week meal will be his new flatbread chicken caesar sandwhich. Check out all that Jerry has to offer right here:

Hurt came roaring back on Cage Match against a track from Call Me No One (Morgan & Clint from Sevendust). Hurt landed the win and moves on to Monday's test. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Join us on Monday for the return of Big J. 


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