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Trouser Snakes, Comic-Con & Hellyeah!

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Let’s take a jump over to Nashville, Tennessee for a moment where Henry Baker got himself into a bit of trouble on Monday for murdering and then attempting to bury his father in the backyard. Why would someone do this you ask? Well, it just so occurred that Henry had been sleeping with his adoptive mother who was only five years older than him and had a child with her while she was still birthing children with Henry’s father. Wow, that #$@% makes Jerry Springer look like Sesame Street.

Jonah Falcon was stopped and frisked by the TSA in San Francisco due to a giant bulge hiding in his trousers.  Well folks, when you are equipped with the world’s largest man unit, that’s what will happen. He passed the metal detector and was felt up by security when they finally determined what Jonah was packing. No, it wasn’t a tube of hair gel, heap of drugs, or a bomb, but it was a weapon of mass man flesh. Apparently size does matter when it comes to the TSA.

We had an action packed morning of guests on the show today. First we had the opportunity to chat with Brent of about his adventures at Comic-Con 2012. His advice is to look out for Iron Man 3, The Hobbit and Pacific Rim. Catch the podcast for a full recap here: We were also joined by Vinnie and Tom from Hellyeah to discuss their new album, Band Of Brothers. Grab a copy of the album and check out that podcast as well.

Your new Cage Match Champ, Candlelight Red, took stage against a new track by Hurt and fell by just two votes. Look for Hurt as they are back again tomorrow along with Troy Harley.

Join us again tomorrow as we speak with Josh Gross of The Boise Weekly about his in depth segment on The Zombie Apocalypse and Court McGee hops on the show to talk about his upcoming UFC fight which takes place this Saturday on FX. We will also have more prizes, more news, more Pop Culture Smackdown, more Cage Match and more morning madness. 

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