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Nampa, ID

at 0 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Anj -   Tie - I  Big J - II

Monday -  Erik Schrody aka Everlast its your birthday!  Happy 45th young man.  Best song from you?  The classic House of Pain Jump Around wins by 2 votes beating your solo venture of Black Jesus. 

Tuesday -  Seether Day at the fair!  Big J wins with Gasoline beating Anj's choice of Fine Again.

Wednesday - Who would be awesome to see come to the Western Idaho Fair?  Yet another tie between Big J's choice of Tenacious D The Metal and Anj's Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground. 

Thursday -  Happy Birthday Serg Tankian!  Battle of System of a Down songs..Big J beats the crap out of Anj's choice of B.Y.O.B. with his choice of Sugar.  Well done sir. 

Friday -  ROCK!

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