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The Morning After with Nic and Big J

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On The Show

August 10th - 14th

    Monday:   Nic returns from Vacation! The Angels sing!

      Tuesday: Jim Gaffigan of The Jim Gaffigan Show!

    Wednesday: Kevin Farley, Chris Farley's Brother!

    Thursday: Free X Show talk and ticket giveaways!

    Friday:  Regina Hall of Scary Movie fame!

 All week every week you will get the awesomeness you have come to expect from The Morning After. Be sure of that friends.



The Morning After Podcasts

  • Morning After: Jim Gaffigan

    Morning After: Jim Gaffigan

    How does a stand-up comedian know when they have made the big time? Well when they get their own TV show of course. Jim Gaffigan technically made it love before this, ...

  • Morning After: Daniel Bryan

    Morning After: Daniel Bryan

    YES! You may be a wrestling fan if you know that battle cry! Daniel Bryan if a former WWE Champoion, and a total bad ass! Besides being one of the mos ...

  • Morning After: Mike Catherwood

    Morning After: Mike Catherwood

    Mike Catherwood hosts Loveline with Dr. Drew every single night, he also happens to be the new host of Chain Reaction on GSN. What does Mike like better Radio or TV? ...

  • Morning After: Randy Blythe

    Morning After: Randy Blythe

    Randy Blythe is the lead singer of Lamb Of God. He is also an author, writing about his experience of a manslaughter charge and time in a Czech prison. Not fun. ...

  • Morning After: Thomas Hayden Church

    Morning After: Thomas Hayden Church

    Thomas Hayden Church has been on the show before. Somehow, he still agreed to come back! This time Nic talks to the man about his new movie Max and his connection ...

  • Morning After: Taylor Schilling

    Morning After: Taylor Schilling

    Taylor Schilling is the star of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, she also stars in the new movie The Overnight. Somehow, she found time to talk to Nic ...

  • Morning After: Matt Paxton (Hoarders)

    Morning After: Matt Paxton (Hoarders)

    Matt Paxton makes a living cleaning up other peoples messy lives. Who better than to talk to him, than Nic? Hoarders changed Matt's life and business, learn more about it here!

  • Morning Atfer: Kevin Durand

    Morning Atfer: Kevin Durand

    Kevin Durand is NOT an NBA All-Star and a forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is however a really good actor that steals pretty much every scene he is in ...

  • Morning Atfer: Jason Schwartzman

    Morning Atfer: Jason Schwartzman

    Now we're talkin'! This was a great interview with Jason Schwartzman! Not only do we talk about his new movie The Overnight, we also almost hurt ourselves kissing his ass. Well ...

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The Morning After Hall of Fame

Nampa, ID

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RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I   Big J - I

Monday - This day in history was was the day that D.B. Cooper made his big get away.  Best songs about crime?  Big J nails the first win of the week with Beastie Boys Rhymin and Stealin beating Nic's choice of Papa Roach Getting Away with Murder. 

Tuesday -  Happy Birthday Tim Armstrong!  In honor of you we will war with your songs.  Big J loses with Transplants getting his arse kicked by Nic's choice of Rancid.  Well played. 

Wednesday -  Let us war with bands we are Thankful for this year.  Anj wins her last rock war with Volbeat Lola Montez beating Nic's choice of Nothingmore This is The Time. 

Thursday -  THANKSGIVING! We are busy feeding our faces! No time to war. 

Friday -   Black Friday War?  

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