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Adam Plays- Dishonored

Is the Title Fitting?

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A last year a very very well known gaming company, Bethesda, released a little game known as The Elder Scrolls V- Skyrim. A game that has gone down as one of the best games to grace all of man since the last Elder Scrolls game was released.
If you take a look at some of your favorite games, I can almost guarantee that Bethesda has had their hand in it somewhere. I've even gone so far as to claim that Bethesda doesn't make bad games, some would disagree noting a few flops, but when you compare it to the massive success they've had, Dishonored got more than a few people tight in their pants.

Dishonor premiered at E3 with a crowd following only that of Assassins Creed 3. People wanted big things, and they were going to get it. Tech demos looked great, gameplay seemed solid, and more than a few big names had claimed this was going to be the game of the year.
Talk about blowing the load early.

Dishonored plants the player in the role of one Corvo Atano, body guard of the Empress of Dunwall. A whaling town with a bit of a steam punk vibe to it. True to the nature of all games, things go south, she ends up slain, and you're the only one around when it happens.
Corvo is then tossed into jail, which you quickly escape with one thing on your mind, sweet revenge.

Through some twists and turns Corvo becomes a sort of supernatural assassin- geared with great weapons, and stunning powers- like the ability to summon rats, stop time, or even possess humans for a short while, making it so each target on your lists has an infinite amount of ways to fall before you.

Before Dishonoreds’ release, a few individuals from Bethesda claimed that they felt games were driven on the course of the players and the choices they wanted to make “We were tired of the games where you went into a dungeon, found a chest, fought the boss, then opened a new door with the same thing.”
This really excited a LOT of people- the term “Open world” will see games faster than any gameplay, or any real sort of storyline. Players like myself couldn’t help but think- “So I’m an assassin who can do whatever I want!? Oh *bleep* yes~!”
We were lied to.

Dishonored at best is an open ended linear quest. Each one of your targets are within the same city. Just a different little part. While there’s 4-5 different ways to get into the building, it seems like there isn’t really much choice. Sure, you can go through the window, climb up the ladder through the roof, or even take over a guard- walk yourself in through the front door and continue on, you’re still left with the feeling of.... “So wait, why didn’t I just run in through the front door myself?”
Sure, there are side quests in each level, rewards range from keys to other doors at the target location to special little Bone Charms or slots that make you even more powerful. But most people will find themselves sticking to 1 or 2 different types of play.
Super sneaky ninja- Where you make sure no one sees you. (Which is damn near impossible in some cases)
Or bloody thirsty assassin- Really, nothing can stop you in this game. Kill five or six guys, walk away with a smile on your face.
But this is where the game has one of my biggest issues.

Dishonored will sort of penalize you for taking lives, the more you kill, the harder the game is going to get, the more guards they send, real life stuff. But when I have enough fire power and personal skill to take on a small army by myself, why the hell would I even bother sneaking around. (to which people respond “BONUS POINTS DUDE!!”- I care not.)
As a company, if you want me to tactically make my moves, don’t allow me to make 1 mistake, send the entire level after me, then give me the ability to just slay everyone in front of me. If I take a stealth tactic, and fail- Kill me. Make me restart, anything.
It’s like staring a multiple choice question in which A is the right answer, but D is labeled, “Pick this one to get ½ credit anyways”

The environments of this game aren’t horrible, plenty of digging to be found, chests to unlock, secrets to find, but at the end, you’re just playing for bonus completion points. The story is pretty bland. And while the gameplay is quite entertaining, there’s no real reason to do anything other than walk up to a group of enemies, wave, slay them all, and walk away.
One of the “Harder” targets- the main reason the story starts- I never had to even encounter, by simply playing a record of his treason over the radio waves I was able to “defeat” him.
Clever, sure, but very unsatisfying.

Don’t even get me started on the graphics.
I’ll say again- We. Were. Lied. To.

Dishonored tries to make an impression, and it does- slightly.
But with a 10 hour storyline if you’re like me and just enjoy killing things, you’re better off renting this one, or waiting for the price to drop.

Adams Final Vote- 5/10
You’re better off playing Skyrim and being an assassin there then trying to find hope in Dishonored.

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