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Afternoons 3:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

Sundays 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Name: Adam McGuire
Nickname: I've been called everything from "Cheese" to "Douche Waffle" apparently there's some kind of food theme when it comes to my nicknames
Top 5's:

Garden State, 300, Reservoir Dogs, Battle Royal, Caddy shack

Muse, A Perfect Circle, Primus, Cage The Elephant, and Radiohead but having me pick ever those 5 are hard considering my "weekly top 5 bands" dramatically changes based on my mood. Sometimes I want a band that makes me to take a tire iron to someone's face, but sometimes I want a band to hold my hand and just tell me..... "It's all going to be alright...." (Wedding Singer reference anyone?)

TV Shows:
Scrubs, Entourage, CSI (The original Vegas one), Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Boondocks (However, I rarely watch TV to begin with)
Most Underrated:

Happy Gilmore- Reason: Name another movie where Bob Barker (or any other older celebrity) get his ass kick to come back and beat the hell out of Adam Sandler. It's also Sandler as his finest. "YOU'RE GONNA DIE CLOWN!"

Primus- Reason: Les Claypool is the SINGLE greatest bassist that I've ever heard. A lot of people get turned of by his voice or the amount of what happens in a Primus song but they're so talented that, even after listening to a song for the 20th time, I can't help but scream, "DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?!"  then I'm forced to drink the awesome away.
Favorite Sports Team: Washington Capitols or Pittsburgh Penguins despite the fact they both despise each other. Oh, and in case anyone follows hockey, to answer the question on your mind, Ovechkin > Crosby. Fact.
Least Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: Any place where I wake up face down missing a majority of my clothing.
Most Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: Either in the studio or in your mothers bed. They're close.
Favorite CD of All Time: Radiohead -The Bends. So filled with awesome that I've had it, or a copy of it, in my car for years.
Best Up and Coming Band: I ran into this band once called, "The Slants" (While they're not really music we'd play)  They managed to get an entire concert so hot that the fire alarm went off. That's taking it to a next level.
Best Live Band: It's odd to say it but I really enjoyed seeing Reel Big Fish live, never before have I seen a crowd so involved in a concert and never before has a band shocked me with how much fun they can be off an album as well.
Whats Worse:
Twlight or Harry Potter? Considering both have a fan follow that make even my obssesions seem tame, I'm going to have to say Twilight is worse. With 3 Twlight movies to Happy Potters 7 total, it's obvious which one has more depth. (not to mention Emma Watson is about a thousand time hotter than Kiersten Stewart.)
Current Vampire Fad or Emo Music? Vampire fad- Pale skin, No sunlight, Hunger for blood. I'd rather listen to a song titled "20 Reasons I Cut Myself" as opposed to a life of seducing high school girls because I'm a lonely 5000 year old vampire.
Crying At A Movie or Crying At A Concert? Crying at a concert- unless it's tears of blood caused by the band. That's just hardcore.
Tripping and Falling in a Public Place or Accidentally Spitting on Someone You're Talking To? Spitting on someone you're talking to. Everyone eats the floor once or twice in their life, and while it's terribly sad, I can't compare to spitting all over someone. Especially when that someone is super attractive and it looks like you may have a chance. But then you give them the old "Mouth Shower" and any chance you had, along with the 50 dollars in drinks you spent with them..... GONE....... just like dust in the wind.
And finally...

What One Famous Person Would You Like To Fight And Why: Glenn Beck- Something tells me that guy could use an ass-kicking not to mention he's an idiot. Not to mention; I think I could take him. A few hooks to the jaw, maybe a little bit of The Peoples Elbow or something.  Then just to be a dick, I'd scream, "This is for AMERICA" or something to that effect to really confuse him. Finish it off with a curb stomp, and watch, the demon that's been controlling him will be sent straight back to hell, and I'll become a hero. 

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