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Saturday: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Name: Nic
Nickname: Zod, Punchy, Palooka

Top 5's
5. Big Lebowski
4. Rushmore
3. Pulp Fiction
2. Fight Club
1. The Shawshank Redemption
5. Secret Machines
4. Foo Fighters
3. System Of A Down
2. A Perfect Circle
1. Tenacious D
TV Shows:
5. The League
4. The Walking Dead
3. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2. The Wire
1. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Most Underrated:
Movie: Oldboy - What a kick ass foreign flick this is. If you can handle subtitles, there is no reason why you shouldn't see this movie.
Band: Secret Machines. Ask Big J...he'll tell you how awesome this band is. Do it!
Favorite Sports Team: Anything Wisconsin. Go Packers, Go Bucks, Go Brewers, Go Badgers...etc.
Least Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: I hate the intersection of Fairview and Eagle. Worst intersection ever.
Most Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: Give me a clean movie theatre with a kick ass sound system and I am a happy long as the audience isn't full of dicks.
Favorite CD of All Time: Ugh. So hard...but I gotta go with Tenacious D's self titled 2001 debut. Lots o' fun.
Best Up and Coming Band: Dead Sara. Period.
Best Live Band: Not to be an echo chamber...but you're not a D fan until you've seen Tenacious D live and just KG and JB on acoustic guitars. Amazing show.
What’s Worse:
Twlight or Harry Potter? Proud to say I've never read or been involved with either of these things, but Twilight gives off more of a stink to me.
Current Vampire Fad or Emo Music? I'm going Emo music. The Vampire fad blows, but can maybe bring some cool Anna Paquin naked and Let The Right One In.  But other than Something Corporate on a good day, emo music is just an awful, awful thing.
Crying At A Movie or Crying At A Concert? Crying at a concert is 100% worse. I've seen it and there is nothing sadder than watching a grown man cry during a Nine Inch Nails song. Nothing.
Tripping and Falling in a Public Place or Accidentally Spitting on Someone You’re Talking To?  You can at least make a joke out of falling...when you hock a loogie in someone's face on one wins.
And Finally…

What One Famous Person Would You Like To Fight…And Why: I'd fight Ghandi. Nah, I'd like to square off against the TMZ dude. What's his name? Harvey Levin? Just the lowest form of human in the world. Here's a guy that makes a living off of the lowest points in people's lives and then makes jokes about it. If one person deserves to be's that guy. I know he's a lawyer and I would get sued and everything...but it would so be worth it. America. 

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