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Monday - Friday 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.  

Name: Dylan Ayer
Nickname: D
Top 5's
5. Casino
4. Goodfellas
3. Dumb And Dumber
2. The Jerk
1. Clerks
5. Volbeat
4. Megadeth
3. Avengend Sevenfold
2. Foo Fighters
1. A Day To Remember

TV Shows:
5. Family Guy
4. The Simpsons
3. The Walking Dead
2. Pawn Stars
1. Metalocalypse
Most Underrated:
Movie: Idiocracy
Band: In This Moment
Favorite Sports Team: Nebraska Cornhuskers
Least Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: Day Care at any Treasure Valley Gym
Most Favorite Place in the Treasure Valley: The Idaho Center
Favorite CD of All Time: Megadeath -Cryptic Writings  Or A Day To Remember-What Separates Me From You
Best Up and Coming Band: Charming Liars
Best Live Band: Iron Maiden

What’s Worse:
Twlight or Harry Potter? Twilight-Team Jacob or Team Edward.  Give me a break, Killem all!
Current Vampire Fad or Emo Music? EMO music! Now give me back my eyeliner, ya little punk! Actually you're not even Punk, you're a PUKE!
Crying At A Movie or Crying At A Concert? Crying at a concert - There's no crying in baseball and there is certainly no crying at a concert! I told you, that chick had one too many beers.

And Finally…

What One Famous Person Would You Like To Fight…And Why: Easily Taylor Swift - Look little girl, we all have ex-boyfriends. Stop acting like you're 12 and get over it. You are perpetuating the crazy girl persona. 

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Nampa, ID

NW at 3 mph
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