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Letters to Santa

Every year, Santa is flooded with requests for gifts and gadgets of every dimension.  

Sometimes, the letters come from just plain people.  

Other times, celebrities and rock stars share THEIR “here’s what I wants.”  

In the spirit of the season, 100.3 the X is SHARING some of those “hey, I’m more famous than you” letters.  

If you can identify the letter’s author, you qualify for a sparkling something from our friends at Lee Read Jewelers.

a stainless steel 88 Rue du Rhone chronograph

Or more specifically, your choice of a stainless steel 88 Rue du Rhone chronograph for him valued at $580,

yellow gold carved pearl earrings-or yellow gold carved pearl earrings for her, a $695 value.  

To play along, listen mornings at 8:40.  

And – happy holidays, from Lee Read Jewelers and 100.3 The X...Rocks.

Letters from Santa starts December 4th.

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